Hello! I'm Shannon.

As a soul specialist, radiance amplifier and inspiring guide, I help people bloom bigger into life through 1-on-1 intuitive energy clearing  sessions, inspiring talks, transformative classes & keepsake photography books.

This is my virtual home. May you discover precisely what you need, to unfold into your fullest potential.

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Books & Photography

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Every threshold in life is a portal to initiation — a flower, unfurling with energy.

Healing invitations, lovingly curated tools, real-world rituals & practical sense for blooming through life.

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Blooming Praise

It was probably the most powerful healing I have ever received. I can't believe how quickly & powerfully it worked. {Read more…}

It was wonderful to feel a connection with two of the people I lost and to feel the release of energy that no longer needed to be with me. {Read more…}

Shannon created an authentic & soulful space that really shifted my awareness. I feel like I can move forward and embrace the life I truly desire. {Read more …}