Kind Words: Blooming Praise

1-on-1 Sessions

I was able to sit with a mother who felt my loss and felt my love and held my son in her arms as gently, as lovingly, as I had and will again

Here is a summary of my experience with Shannon Jackson Arnold: I was able to sit with a mother who felt my loss and felt my love and held my son in her arms as gently, as lovingly, as I had and will again.  She held me also, in her heart, the Great Heart that does not allow the life force to extinguish, no matter how small the vigilant flame. She took me, out of modern day America, and back into the tribe of all mothers and all fathers and all sons and all daughters. And not only did she listen and did she silently pray, but she helped to cleanse me and my son of the bruises and dried blood, the broken dreams and sorrow, and reminded me, that my son is a glorious, magnificent being and it was an honor to be a part of his existence, even if only for two decades, two years, 7 months, 12 days and 6 hours. This is what happened to me today. And now, I sleep, only to dream of Our Children and their bright futures, wherever they are, and whenever they choose to visit again.

— Dr. Susan Palmieri, Ph.D., THE CLEARING: Center for Well-Being

It was probably the most powerful healing I have ever received

A trusted friend recommended Shannon for helping me deal with my grief and to help move on from my ex-boyfriend's death. During our session, I felt  a very deep and powerful "letting go" that I felt viscerally. This was incredibly powerful, completely unexpected, and like nothing I've ever experienced before. The strength of it made me sit up from a lying down position. When the energy was re-balanced, which took a couple of minutes, I felt very calm and solid. I feel so much more at peace with Justin's death. I literally needed to let go of him without feeling like I was abandoning him, and that happened. It was probably the most powerful healing I have ever received (I can't believe how quickly and powerfully it worked) and I definitely would like to schedule more.

 — Melanie Cretens, Los Angeles, CA

You see things and offer up possibilities that a closed mind wouldn’t see

I was sooo filled with abundant love for what we've shared and deep, deep, deep gratitude for the growth....You always validated me…always nodded..always just provided that listening sound board, never judging…you do this sooo’s so very much a part of you and who you are. You asked me some key questions to help me fine-tune the substance of what I was thinking….And then further you’ve nudged me to think about what makes me feel safe…creatively….and really in life. You’d suggest things not only have I never tried but never thought to try. This is your tinkerbell gift to me: you see things and offer up possibilities that a closed mind wouldn’t see. If I had to sum up: you gave me some vital practical tools that helped me break the mesmeric medusa holds of self-doubt, obligatory-imposed responsibility, and rigidity and suffocating structure. What you’ve given me and nurtured in me and held with me and encouraged me to hold is just simply the most tender treasured gift I’ve had in a long, long while…

— Tre Thorsen, practitioner of healing, & @thoughtxthought

I trust Shannon to hold sacred space for exploration and healing. Before our session, I wasn't certain if I was willing to be open and receive but I was surprised by the unbridled release of emotion. In particular, the cord cutting made a big difference. I don’t know if I can put it into words but I no longer feel unbalanced/reactive in the presence of my intimate partner. And I feel more empowered to ask for an answer to my questions. Thank you for sharing your work, your kindness and generosity with me. I feel my increased self-care is a direct result of this work. And my entanglement with my partner is much less confusing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

— Kim Tedford, life coach and energy consultant,

Simply put, I am feeling SO very blessed and supported. I walked away from our time together yesterday feeling so at peace, content, special, and important. You have a beautiful way of truly connecting the dots and allowing a space for transformation to blossom. I am inspired, I am open, I am feeling great.

— Julie Szyba

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have opened my eyes to; I really don't know how to express what you've done for me in words.  I felt such a great sense of openness and relief since yesterday.  I slept so well and woke up with more joy and energy than I have felt in my entire existence. I am grateful that my guides have put you on my path as a teacher and friend.  

— Erin Alexander,

I keep thinking, what would I have done without Shannon to facilitate my "re-memberment"? I'm sure I would have gotten there, but certainly not as quickly, not with the full knowledge of what happened and changed, and not without the loving support you provide….In less than a week since the session, I can feel a dramatic improvement in my ability to connect to spirit…I also feel whole again, so dramatically different than a short week ago when I felt "discombobulated" to say the least. I don't know that I can convey enough thanks to you for honing your gifts so you can help ease my path to my gifts. Thank you.

 — Laura J

Wow, you have opened my (I want to say life but it's so much more than that), my world, my most important being — myself!! You have given me permission to be myself, when and I didn't know who that was or that it was okay to be me. Because of your gift & help, my eyes are open to a new, special, wonderful life

— Jane E. Morgan

I booked a session with Shannon because I felt many different stresses throughout the past year and felt like a healing session would help me cleanse and possibly get some renewed clarity on some things. I wasn't sure how a session over the phone would work, but during our session, I felt calmness, peaceful waves and a strong bond of love to my family/friends who have passed. The parts of the sessions that resonated the most strongly for me were the information on my father's passing and the chakra cleansing, but really the entire healing session has helped me on my own path of learning. I was surprised by how varied Shannon's knowledge was, and I was delighted to receive the confirmation that Angel Raphael was with me when I have had signs, but now I have a feeling of understanding and of love for this angel that I didn't have before. Shannon has a pure and loving light, and I am thankful to have shared with Shannon. 

— Michelle Fleck

Speaking & Teaching

When Shannon speaks, I not only pay attention, I slide into another world where my heart opens to her fresh ideas. She is kind, charismatic, and intelligent. An unbeatable combination.

— Judy Bridges, author, Shut Up & Write! and Founder of Redbird Studio


“Shannon inspires me to grow and thrive. She is a Niagara Falls of information and is generous with her energy and enthusiasm for the well-being and expansion of every person in the room. I love her presentations and always feel expanded, nourished and enriched.”

— Sunni Boehme, coach, trainer and author, Mirror, Mirror



Shannon, you are a beautiful bloom and soul nurturer. The workshop was just what I needed. Feeling at peace with many areas of my life now.

—Joan Stroika


Shannon, what a wonderful healing and inspiring class today.

I feel like it helped me so much. I look forward to seeing you soon!

— Suzette Nelson



Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational message!  Everyone really enjoyed your visit and the discussion was very good.

— Glenn Calhoun, Galilee Lutheran Church

Praise for Flowering Wisdom: Inspiring Thoughts on Life, Love & Blooming Big

Lovely photos and inspiring thoughts come together with Shannon's unique wisdom and insight.

— Carolyn Nau, Bold Bodacious Jewelry

I love, love, love your book. Thank you for trusting in the Universe and
believing in yourself to birth it for all of us!

— Sandra Anderson, Center for Well-Being

Everyone should have this book! If I was Oprah, I'd be giving it to all of you.

— Deborah Lightheart, Feronia Wellness Center

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