Blooming Praise

It was probably the most powerful healing I have ever received. I can't believe how quickly and powerfully it worked. — Melanie Cretens

I wasn't sure how a session over the phone would work, but during our session, I felt calmness, peaceful waves and a strong bond of love to my family/friends who have passed. — Michelle Fleck

Simply put, I am feeling SO very blessed and supported. I walked away from our time together yesterday feeling so at peace, content, special, and important. You have a beautiful way of truly connecting the dots and allowing a space for transformation to blossom. I am inspired, I am open, I am feeling great. — Julie Szyba

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have opened my eyes to; I really don't know how to express what you've done for me in words.  I felt such a great sense of openness and relief since yesterday.  I slept so well and woke up with more joy and energy than I have felt in my entire existence. I am grateful that my guides have put you on my path as a teacher and friend.  — Erin Alexander,

 I keep thinking, what would I have done without Shannon to facilitate my "re-memberment"? I'm sure I would have gotten there, but certainly not as quickly, not with the full knowledge of what happened and changed, and not without the loving support you provide….In less than a week since the session, I can feel a dramatic improvement in my ability to connect to spirit…I also feel whole again, so dramatically different than a short week ago when I felt "discombobulated" to say the least. I don't know that I can convey enough thanks to you for honing your gifts so you can help ease my path to my gifts. Thank you. — Laura J.

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Circle of Light Sessions

Let's illuminate new possibilities and shine a lens of hope and empowerment on you and your life.

Step into a circle of radiant light and be held in the fullness of who you are and the loving support you have around you.

For whatever you are facing, find your way forward with clarity and hope.

A Circle of Light session brings about breakthroughs and clarity in a way that is kind, elegant and effective. My clients experience shifts in long-standing areas of stuckness, soul angst and spiritual drift.

In these sessions, I hold sacred-space for deeper wisdom to emerge, facilitate soul-level transformation, and offer resourceful guidance for navigating life transitions — from death and divorce to launching your dream career and creating a life you love — with ease and meaning.

I bring the fullness of my gifts as a sacred space-holder, radiance amplifier and soul illuminator. My unique approach weaves intuitive, clairaudient and clairvoyant seeing, shamanic and energy clearing practices, esoteric wisdom, life patterning and practical self-care tools.

These 60-minute sessions offer intuitive energetic and soul support to remove areas of stuckness and clarify your steps forward. You'll come into deeper alignment with your true self and clear a path forward. You’ll also receive helpful practical insights and next steps.

Areas of focus in a session can include:

  • Intuitive consults for any area of your life
  • Energetic clearing and attunements
  • Clarity on the next steps and underlying causes
  • Practices and resources to support your overall wellbeing
  • Insight into your soul gifts and life purposes
  • Connecting to your intuition, angels and spiritual guides and loved ones on the other side

Sessions are held at my home in Ottawa, WI (15 min SW of Delafield) or by phone. Sessions are recorded for you.

Circle of Light Single Session $297

Circle of Light Session 3-Pack $750

(good for six months from purchase; savings of $141)

Ready for your Circle of Light Session? 

    1.    Choose your session and click on the Pay Now Button to pay with PayPal or a credit card.
    2.    After receiving receipt of payment, I follow-up by email within 48 hours to set up our session. I primarily serve clients midday from 11 am-3 pm Central Standard (Chicago) Time. I also make a few evening and weekend sessions available each month.

Are you a person of color, dedicated activist or cash poor? 

I make space each month to gift and discount sessions in service to people of color, dedicated activists or those who are cash poor. If you would like to be gifted a session or a discount, please email me to make arrangements. 

Need to know more? Desire a class, retreat, ceremony or mentoring?

You can read more about me here and read more kind words about sessions here. I also faciliate classes, personal and group retreats and ceremonies; support humans and animals in crossing over; and mentor creative entrepenuers and intuitively and energetically gifted souls. These services are custom-designed based on you and your needs. Drop me a line with any questions you might have.