Shannon, you are a beautiful bloom and soul nurturer. — Joan Stroika

Shannon inspires me to grow and thrive. She is a Niagara Falls of information and is generous with her energy and enthusiasm

— Sunni Boehme

It was probably the most powerful healing I have ever received. I can't believe how quickly & powerfully it worked.

— Melanie Cretens

What you’ve given me, nurtured in me, held with me, & encouraged me to hold is just simply the most tender treasured gift I’ve had in a long, long while

— Tresha Thorsen 

About & Contact

photo by Julie Szyba/Hopscotch PhotograpyHello! I’m Shannon Jackson Arnold.

I'm a soul specialist, a radiance amplifier, and a pathway illuminator, and I help people bloom bigger into life.

I believe that every loss is a portal to initiation — a firewalk, an open door, a bridge in mid-formation... a flower bud, unfurling with ecstatic delight. And every experience a chance to bloom more into our fullest self.

When we treat ourselves like the unique flowers we are — with our own seasons & life cycles, gifts & needs — we bloom into life, rather than wilting into pain. And in blooming, we allow undiscovered petals of our soul to greet the world.

Over the past 14 years, I’ve lead 1,000+ students through writing, self-inquiry & creativity courses. I’ve hung up my pro-writer cap for the moment, and today, I offer workshops, Circle of Light sessionsinspiring talks, and flower-filled photo-books for lovers of natural beauty.

My story (like yours) is a rich, beautiful & sacred unfolding. I’ll give you four spiritual & scholarly touchstones, so that you can determine if my experiences & gifts are the type of nourishment you need.

1. I’m an insatiable researcher, explorer & curator of resources & possibilities.

From the ultimate home organizational system to the most exotic flower essence remedies, my quest for a more spiritually-tuned, simplified & creatively potent life will never, ever end.

I’m a perpetual student, with several certifications & initiations under my belt — if I had to create a traditional résumé (Goddess forbid!) it’d probably spiral on for seven or eight pages. (Good thing I’m an entrepreneur.)

2. The four most impactful training experiences of my life?

:: Future Thinking, a 3-year leadership development program taught by Jan Smith of The Center for Authentic Leadership, which taught me the power of articulating my gifts and living my legacy, in each present moment.

:: The Novalis Institute and Linda Bergh's training as a Biography Facilitator, which showed me the power of guided imagination, artistic expression and life charting, as a portal to self-compassion, forgiveness & trust.

:: The Dying Consciously, Living Consciously intensive from The Four Winds' Healing the Light Body School, founded by Dr. Alberto Villodo and based the wisdom of the ancient shamans of the Americas, trained me in energy healing techniques and ritual to assist in experiencing a conscious life and death. I have received the Rites of the Munay-Ki, and am a Mesa (medicine bundle) Carrier in the Peruvian wisdom keeper tradition.

:: Private study with Katie Weatherup, author of Practical Shamanism, to hone and expand my soul-level healing skills in ancestral line repair, past life release, assisting souls on the other side and cord-cutting.

In addition, I have been a hospice volunteer and I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and facilitate weddings, funerals and celebrations for life's meaningful passages.


3. I have failed. Awkwardly & messily. (And gained lots of wisdom in the process.)

I have quit jobs, with a considerable lack of grace. I have been unkind to the people I love. I have procrastinated, squabbled with internal deadlines, and dragged my heels in confusion and fear. I have been overwrought with creative intensity, yet unsure of where to set my foot (or pen, or paintbrush) next.

I’ve learned to examine my energetic patterning, identify the right resources and create practical rituals to ground, center and replenish my creative potential. Which is a fancy way of saying: I’ve discovered what to do to course-correct and shift forward, when my ego is getting a little too big for its britches.

4. I have celebrated & grieved. Often, at the same time.

I have experienced a wild spectrum of abundance and agony — from the beautiful experience of giving birth to my daughter in a blessed pool of water, to holding my mom's hand as she transitioned from this world into the next.

I believe that the privilege of being alive is experiencing ALL of it — the fresh spring blooms, the close of each season, the sudden lightning strikes, and the precious space & electrified awareness that devastation & loss can create.

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