Shannon, you are a beautiful bloom and soul nurturer. — Joan Stroika

Shannon inspires me to grow and thrive. She is a Niagara Falls of information and is generous with her energy and enthusiasm

— Sunni Boehme

It was probably the most powerful healing I have ever received. I can't believe how quickly & powerfully it worked.

— Melanie Cretens

What you’ve given me, nurtured in me, held with me, & encouraged me to hold is just simply the most tender treasured gift I’ve had in a long, long while

— Tresha Thorsen 

Blooming Praise

I was so amazed that Shannon could easily see/know exactly what I needed and brought it to me so effortlessly.

— Joelle Peterson

I was surprised how easy it was to work with Shannon, how comfortable she made me feel and how powerful the experience was for me and continues to be.

— Maureen Pohle

Shannon inspires me to grow and thrive. She is a Niagara Falls of information and is generous with her energy and enthusiasm…

— Sunni Boehme

Shannon, you are a beautiful bloom and soul nurturer.

— Joan Stroika

Shannon helped me find a new balance in my life opening up much greater freedom, spontaneity and fun!

— Donna Abler

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Sunflower Readings

Stride towards a thrilling new beginning — with bold simplicity.

Restorative resources, rituals & ceremonial wisdom — packaged & poured into a practical checklist.

Brilliance. Sustenance. Warmth. Happiness. Sunflowers are unmistakably cheerful, bright & bold—and with nourishing seeds & oils to offer, they're one of the most practical flowers on earth. 

Life can be messy. Disappointing. And over-saturated with well-meaning (but misguided) advice. Sometimes, we just want a pragmatic list of stimulating ideas to clear away the muck, and help us get we can bloom bigger, stand taller, spread our joy & wisdom like the wide, smiling face of a sunflower.

If you’re wandering in circles around a project you can’t quite seem to begin (let alone finish), mourning (and re-mourning) a loss that needs closure...or have simply forgotten what your gifts are, and why they belong in the world...a Sunflower Session can offer new seeds of hope & possibility, with a practical list of nurturing rituals.

And while I can’t wave a magic wand or apply a mystical band-aid, I can guide you towards your own quiet wisdom, helping you lay a foundation for healing, self-expression, and happiness.

As an intuitive reader & pathway illuminator, my methods are inspirational and invitational — not prescriptive. I dig deep and deliver what I think will serve you best. You take what feels juicy — while leaving the rest.

Sunflower Sessions are ideal for people who are spiritually minded and open — and who crave practical tip-sheets and real-world recommendations.

I’ve invested thousands of hours (and enough cash to mortgage a humble house) in my spiritual growth, training & skill-shaping. From energy healing and shamanic training to the Novalis Institute's biographical study, to my experiences as a professional teacher, leading 1,000+ students through writing, self-inquiry & creativity courses, to my own diverse spiritual & healing journey, each Sunflower Session represents my richest resources & most radiant insights — lovingly packaged, with your healing at heart.

Each Sunflower Session is as irrepressibly unique as you are.

Here’s the general flow:

1. You book your reading, using the form below. Each prompt is important, though nothing is mandatory (and there will not be a quiz.) Answer honestly, and know that your message is completely confidential.

2. I receive your request and send you a note to confirm, provide a PayPal link to make your payment of $125 USD.

3. Then within 3 business days (or sooner, if I can), I sit with your answers. I call in divine guidance and transcribe a healing message for you from your guides and angels. And then I follow the trails of inspiration, support and possibilities I receive. 

4. I’ll curate a list of 6-12 recommended resources, action steps and personal ceremonies—from books and meditation CDs, to workshops & retreats, to skilled counselors & mentors, to personalized affirmations, flower essence remedies, shamanic rituals of release, guided meditations, self-care routines and beyond. I put it all into a pretty (.PDF) package, and include an guided meditation .mp3 to put you into a space of receptivity & confident decision-making.

5. You hold the list to your heart, and decide what feels right. You can send me your follow-up questions via email, and I’ll crystalize anything that needs clarification. And then you blossom, to your own beautiful rhythm.

You can read about what others have to say about working with me here.

Please note that suggestions included in your Sunflower Session are for informational purposes and are designed to help you clarify your own wisdom and guidance. They are not intended to diagnose conditions or to substitute for professional medical care.

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